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Columbian Peacock Bass Fishing

Incredible Columbian Peacock Bass Fishing excursions

The Rivers

The place is nice, the rivers are beautiful and there are many lagoons. Pavones weight is from 3 or 4 pounds to twenty and up. It is possible fishing for Payara and many other class of fish, but the king is the Pavón or Tucunaré.

The Fishing

The season is Jan.. Feb.. and March. 8 days with 6 full days of fishing. The fishing day is 7am to 6pm. The price is two fishermen to a boat. The price includes the flight from Bogata to Puerto Carreno and back to Bogata.


Peacock Bass Fishing Packages

  • The price is $3600 per fisherman. The price is based on two fishermen to a boat. Ask about a group discount. Great Price!

Ready for the bass fishing adventure of a lifetime?

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