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Included is transportation to and from the airport, three meals a day including a meal on your arrival day and breakfast on the getaway morning, all of the soft drinks, bottled water, and beer that you desire on the boat and at the lodge, maid service, and two fishermen to a boat with a guide.

Not included is airfare or tips for the guides and lodge staff. Fishermen are expected to bring their own fishing gear.

Travel Tips

When 2 travel together, pack your rods in one rod tube.
Always contact your airlines to verify if they will allow you to load the length of your rods.

Pack your tackle and baits including reels if you have line on them in your checked bag.

Include any liquids or jells as you cannot carry them on in your carry on luggage.

Carry your clothes in your carry on along with as many of your soft plastics as you can and still be under your carry on weight limit. You may also consider packing soft plastics in your rod tube.

Tipping & Payment Poicy

Tips $25 per fisherman per day paid at the end of your last day of fishing.

Most tip more when you have a great trip. These guides work very hard. $20 per night for the rest of the staff, to be paid to one of the staff members before you depart.

Deposits are 50% and are non refundable. They can be transferred as sometimes unforeseen events occur which requires a change in dates.

All pricing is done for double occupancy. 2 to a room and 2 to a boat.

Contact us for more information

(512) 547-1143   -   info@bigbassfishingmexico.com