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Bass Fishing at Aguamilpa

Aguamilpa is a beautiful lake with peaks as high as 6,000 feet, at times towering over the water. Our lodge on Aguamilpa is newly renovated with 13 rooms, so there is plenty of room for large groups. Fishing is usually good to very good with good numbers and a good average size in the 2 to 5 pound range. While you usually do not catch the lunkers like at a couple of the other Mexican lakes 8 pound fish are not uncommon. Lunkers over 8 pounds are not uncommon with more double digit fish being caught due to the improving water quality. Crankbaits, rattletraps, carolina rigs and of course TX rigs predominate with some topwater action early and late and on cloudy days. If you are looking for a good numbers lake, with great scenery, good food and a very nice lodge then compare prices and come on down to Aguamilpa

About Lake Aguamilpa 

Lake Aguamilpa is in the Mexican state of Nayarit. It is about a 3 and a half hour drive from Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta and under three hours from Guadalajara. Tepic is another flight destination, about a 40 minute drive to the lodge. It is a river lake, up to 65 miles in length and covers 31 thousand surface acres.

Lake Aguamilpa Fishing

The lake was opened for fishing in 1997. A normal day is 80-100 bass per boat with most in the 2-6 pound range with many in the 7-9 pound range. Recently, a new dam and lake were built upstream and it has contributed to better water quality and now the lake is yielding bass over 10 pounds.


Aguamilpa Fishing Packages

  • 4 nights and 3 days of fishing $1299
  • 5 nights 4 days of fishing is $1399
  • Each extra day $250

We have a special package price of 4 nights & 3 days fishing with 3 in a room and 3 in a boat for $995 per person.

Ready for the bass fishing adventure of a lifetime?

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